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Mark Weiss and Dee Snider on The David Ellefson Youth Foundation Livestream.

Thom Hazaert, David Ellefson, Mark Weiss and Dee Snider on “SCHOOLS OUT” Make-Up Test live Stream on April 17, 2020 with David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation live stream. Says Ellefson, “Our reach to the hundreds of thousands of people watching on social media platforms, as well as the many radio and television stations around the USA who were airing the stream, has brought a real human touch, which we now know, resonated so strongly with the listeners and viewers. A big part of our job as entertainers is to create for our audiences a sense of departure from day to day life. And in the case of this event, it was our humanness which left an even bigger impression on our community of fans and industry alike. It is our hope that our creative community is now even stronger as a result of our efforts together and it will serve as source of connectivity for each of us in these uncertain times affecting our industry. And it was great to take few more laps around the track on Friday, continuing our fundraising mission, and connecting with more of our friends and fans.”

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