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METALLICA ENCORE-DRIVE-IN Concert and Mark Weiss Book Signing at Bell Works – Holmdel, NJ

On Saturday, August 29th Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ became the center of attention for rock fans from all over the state. Metallica’s ENCORE-DRIVE-IN concert brought back a sense of normalcy during these hard times of COVID. Along with the unbelievable performance Metallica gave in there film, fans were also treated to the FIRST book signing by Mark “WEISSGUY” Weiss for THE DECADE THAT ROCKED.

TODAY show in Australia Aug 20, 2020 with host David Campbell and Belinda Russell talk to Mark Weiss

Photographer Mark “WEISSGUY Weiss talks live from his home in New Jersey to hosts David Campbell and Belinda Russell of the TODAY show from Australia on August 20, 2020 talking about his book The Decade That Rocked.


Watch the rise and fall of Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart  as he blames rock bands and Hit Parader magazine for the evil in children . See Mark’s photo of Ozzy on the cover and never before seen photos of “Miracle man” from Ozzy Osbourne’s  album “No Rest for the Wicked”  with Zakk Wylde on guitar, Zakk’s first album with the Prince of Darkness.


Madam X – Sebastian Bach, Maxine Petrucci, Mark McConnell, and Chris Doliber, interviewed for Much Music in 1987 a few months before they went to the wedding of photographer Mark “WEISSGUY” Weiss where Sebastian was discovered to be the singer of SKID ROW. Purchase the book THE DECADE THAT ROCKED on AMAZON and see never before photos of Sebastian jam with Zakk Wylde at Mark’s wedding in June 1987 in Red Banj New Jersey.

Rest in Peace Jimmy Webb Sadly died today April 14,2020 “Rock and Roll is in my heart”

“Rock and Roll is in my heart, it’s in my spirit it’s forever it always it was there probably since the day I was born you know then we just come to New York where it’s all happening and it’s just so real and authentic . Whether you’re dancing at Studio 54 or being at CBGB’s it’s just there the spirit of rock and roll’s in the soul. Whether it’s right out here in st. Mark’s Place buying a pair of tight pants and trash and vaudeville in 1975 or selling them in 2010. I can talk about nightclubbing when I was 17 and getting dressed to go to studio 54 a punk rock boy they would wave right in. I can talk about what it was like to be laying under Iggy nearly naked last week last Friday night at Don Hills covered in spit sweat and water and whatever other fluids were on that floor. READ MORE

Mark Weiss and Dee Snider on the David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation Live stream.

Thom Hazaert, David Ellefson, Mark Weiss and Dee Snider on “SCHOOLS OUT” Make-Up Test live Stream on April 17, 2020 with David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation live stream. Says Ellefson, “Our reach to the hundreds of thousands of people watching on social media platforms, as well as the many radio and television stations around the USA who were airing the stream, has brought a real human touch, which we now know, resonated so strongly with the listeners and viewers. A big part of our job as entertainers is to create for our audiences a sense of departure from day to day life. READ MORE

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