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“A WORK OF ART! Gigantic, beautiful, hard cover, coffee table book, mind blowing photos!  It’s like 400 pages of incredible photos and text!”

-Eddie Trunk

L. Vaughn
Pookie Pup
Biggie T.
Michael M.
Ian A.
Wow. I was a expecting a pretty cool piece knowing that it was coming from Mark, But this is pure Excellence!. I’ve been following him since 1989 so I knew he would have a great product. What I wasn’t aware of, was THE QUALITY that this was coming, from the hard cover, to the pages that rains through it. So many memories of the shows. This is a must have for anyone that love the 80’s decade of rock. Talk about living the dream. Mark was able to through all his hard work and continued love and friendship with all he comes across and works with. Keep on ROCKING Brother!!! This book is Outstanding!!! 110% Love it!!!!
If you lived through the 1980’s and was a hard rock fan, this is an absolute must have book. Legendary photographer Mark Weiss has outdone himself with this stunningly beautiful book covering his work in the 80’s. Really hoping this is just the first of many books to come from Mark. He captured rock & roll history through his lens better than anyone, and this book just left me wanting more. Would love to see books devoted to individual artists like Ross Halfin has done. A book on Ozzy or Bon Jovi for example would be tremendous giving Mark’s history with them.
“I’ve looked and read your new book at least 30 times and I keep seeing something new. This is THE rock ‘n roll book! It has more than I could ever hope for in a book. So many memory’s of our youth! F*$#n beautiful!”
– Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses)
Sheila P.R.
This is an amazing book that I could not put down! Each photo tells it own story and their are many of them! The book is well made and I am a very proud owner! Thank you for the many hours I can’t even begin to wrap my head around that had to go into this stunning Rock tribute!
Ricky Y.
I love this book, it took me back to my youth, I feel I was born the perfect year cause I got to be a teen in the eighties and it’s true, if you missed the eighties you really missed out, best time of my life, when the world wasn’t so dark and negative
What an amazing collection of pictures and stories! I loved tripping down memory lane with photos of my favorite bands. It WAS the decade that rocked and Mark Weiss brought it back to life with astonishingly colorful pictures that jump right off the page. He took me back to big hair, acid wash jeans and the greatest music of all time!
Blake B.
Easily the best book I have purchased in years. If you grew up in the 80’s loving metal, then this book is an absolute must. Most of the photos I have never seen, and I have seen alot of photos in my days, reading magazines, etc. So Mark has saved some rare stuff for this book. It’s oversized, and the quality is superb. His stories in about the bands are great, and make me wish I could swap brains with him for a bit to see what it was like to experience what Mark did. Overall, I highly advise you get this for yourself, or for someone who is into rock and metal.
Charles S.
This book is a treasure of photos that capture the best decade ever. I was a little shy of spending so much money on a book. After receiving it and reading I now know that it was a steal at this price!
Mark tells us how his love for photography was born and more precisely his love for photographing his idols, with whom he ended up being a friend, the photos are better than another ,Five stars, definitely, a book full of rare photos and bright, very well designed, the size is ideal to appreciate every detail that Mark achieved with his camera that is already part of his body and at times it seems that one was next to him looking at the live musician or in the studio, for everyone Those of us who love this golden age of rock cannot stop having it, and for those who love rock in general, thank you Mark for having edited this gem.-
David C.
5 Stars!!! Mark Weissguy Weiss clearly loves his craft. If you lived through the 80s of metal and rock this is must have. I’ve seen a lot, but these photographs are mind-blowing. But don’t take my word for it…see for yourself. Worth the money and it’s in a hardcover!!
“Mark is the real deal. He may not
play the guitar, but that camera is his guitar. He’s a rockstar.”
 Gene Simmons  
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